Spread the Word About Camp Tavor!

Tavor families are our absolute best resource to grow the incredible Camp Tavor community!

To share our gratitude with those families who are spreading the word about Tavor through sharing stories, testimonials or hosting informational meetings, we’ve developed an “Ambassador Family” program. With the support of the Camp Tavor staff, Tavor Ambassador families open their homes to their friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to host informational meetings about Camp Tavor. Ambassador families receive a $100 discount off their child’s tuition as a ‘Thank You!” for their efforts to grow the Tavor community.

In addition to the $100 discount for hosting an information session, families will receive referral bonuses for each camper they refer to camp!

  • Refer 1 camper and receive $150 off of tuition!
  • Refer 2 campers and receive $350 off of tuition!
  • Refer 3 campers and receive a $550 off of tuition!
  • Refer 4 campers and receive $700 off of tuition!
  • Refer 5 campers and receive $1000 off of tuition!
  • Refer 6 campers and receive free tuition for one session of camp!


If you’d like to learn more about joining the Tavor Ambassador Team, reach out to info@camptavor.org or give us a call: (269) 215-1399