Mission & Values

Camp Tavor’s mission is to provide an inclusive community where kids have fun being themselves while developing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, a caring connection with Israel, and a positive personal Jewish identity.

Tavor seeks to nurture the Jewish people of this next generation by instilling kindness, creativity, and confidence in our campers. To work towards our vision, we want to grow the number of young people who experience our unique culture while maintaining the intimacy and community of a small camp. Camp Tavor is committed to cultivating youth leadership and empowerment through our longstanding partnership with the worldwide Habonim Dror Youth Movement, developing a connection with Israel, and supporting year-round, youth-led programming in local communities.

Camp Tavor is guided by the Five Pillars of the Habonim Dror Youth Movement:


  • Judaism
  • Progressive Labor Zionism
  • Hagshama (Actualization of Movement Values)
  • Social Justice
  • Socialism