Mazkirut (Summer Leadership Team)

Max Ledersnaider: Rosh Tavor
My name is Max Ledersnaider and I am Rosh Machaneh Tavor for Summer 2016.

I grew up outside of Chicago in Deerfield, IL and have been spending my summers at Tavor since 2003. Tavor and Habonim Dror have been an incredibly meaningful part of my life and something that I have shared with my entire family. I went on Workshop 61 in 2011 and have spent my summers after as a madrich at Camp Tavor, Camp Na’aleh (Tavor’s sister camp in NY), and as Rosh for Kadima Habonim Dror.

I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan and will be graduating this spring. I have been lucky to work in Ken Pardes (Ann Arbor’s Ken) for the last 3 years in Ann Arbor and I have loved getting to know the Tavor community there.

I’m looking forward to yet another amazing summer at Tavor and am very excited to get working. Please feel free share your thoughts and suggestion with me at

Anya Friedman-Hutter: Merakezet Chinuch
Hi! My name is Anya Friedman Hutter, and I am incredibly excited to be the Merakezet Chinuch (Education Director)! I grew up at Habonim Dror Camp Galil in Pennsylvania, then fell in love with Tavor last summer. I’m so excited to return to this amazing and empowering community. I went on Workshop 62 in 2012-13 and am involved in my national kvutza. I live in Philadelphia, where I help to run the ken and study Sociology and Urban Education at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m really passionate about creating Habonim Dror chinuch that meets our chanichim and chanichot where they are in their lives. It’s my goal this summer to raise relevant and revolutionary questions through new, creative methods. I can’t wait to spend the summer bringing meaningful and exciting chinuch alongside tzevet!

Yasaf Warshai: co-Merakez Techni
Hello! My Name is Yasaf Warshai, and I’m the other half of Team Techni 2016! I grew up in Ann Arbor, and in May I will be graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Arts & Humanities and Religious Studies. This will be my sixth year on tzevet (staff), and after the summer I will be moving to New York to work in Habonim Dror’s Central Office. I started at Tavor in 2002, did Madatz in 2010, went on Workshop 61 in 2011-2012, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited to be coming back to Tavor this summer! This community has given so much to so many over the years, and I’m honored and ecstatic to be able to help shape it and help enable the next generation of chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) to learn, grow, and live their values on the shores of Lake Kaiser.

Naomi Frisch: co-Merakezet Techni
Hi! My name is Naomi Frisch and I am half of team techni for summer 2016!

I grew up outside of Chicago in Wilmette, Illinois. I started going to Tavor in 2005 when I was in Chotrim Alef. This summer will be my 5th year on Tzevet(staff). Tavor and Habonim are both really important to me, and have given me the opportunity to make amazing friends, understand my Judaism, clean bathrooms, and so much more! Facilitating and creating these same opportunities for chanichim (campers) is truly a dream. I am currently a Junior at University of Wisconsin studying Rehabilitation Psychology and African American Studies. I will be graduating next spring and pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy.

This summer is going to another one for the books at Tavor! So glad I get to be a part of it and can’t wait to see what adventures await!