Keep in Touch with your Camper

Writing your camper is often a wonderful way of keeping in touch during the busy camp season! We encourage you to keep in touch with your camper and to share in their excitement about camp programming and their new experiences. In your correspondence, please be mindful about how your writing might impact homesickness and focus your writing on excitement about camp activities instead of activities at home.

All Mail is distributed daily after lunch (except Shabbat).

Snail Mail should be addressed to:
Your Camper Name
Your Camper Shichvah (Example: Bonimot, Garanimot… )
Camp Tavor
59884 Arthur L Jones Rd
Three Rivers, MI 49093

Emailing Your Camper
Send an email to When sending a message through email, please note these important instructions:

     • Your message should be included in the text of the email, not as an attachment. Attachments will not be printed.

     • Use the email subject: Camper’s Full Name, Camper’s Schicvah (Example: Bonimot, Garanimot).

You can also use your existing CampInTouch Login information to view photos and send messages to your camper!


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